About Micheline

Micheline Etkin Golden Globes 2014
Creative • Passionate • Glamorous

Micheline Etkin is a world-class model, a passionate volunteer, and a truly unique professional. She delivers the highest quality performance to everything she does. She has a tenacious work ethic that when combined with her creativity results in outstanding success.

Through her world travels and Lebanese-Brazilian heritage, she has developed a unique perspective that spans across cultures. With her talent and creative spirit she brings any ideas to life; her imagination knows no bounds. This is what ultimately sets Micheline apart.

As a model at Agency Arizona, (theAgencyAZ.com) she has worked on countless fashion shows and international campaigns. She exudes glamour, confidence, and sophistication. She has used her success in modeling to become a mentor and role model to up and coming models.

Micheline has also used her influence to help her community. She works passionately and tirelessly to help those in need and devotes her time and heart to helping children. She is currently a founding council member of Stars Of The Season (Stars of The Season) dedicated to promoting and establishing integrative modalities in pediatric medicine, co-founder of Casa Brazil (CasaBrazil.org ), and an honorary member of PANDA (AZPanda.org), all charities benefiting children.

She is the Global Ambassador of the Elisabeth Kübler-Ross Foundation (EKRF) and of the International Children's Palliative Care Network (ICPCN.org). She is the recipient of the “Wings of Grace” award and closely collaborates with EKR Foundation Brasil to develop new projects. (Elizabeth Kübler-Ross Brasil). She also volunteers at the Ryan House, the local children’s palliative and hospice care. (RyanHouse.org)

Micheline has worked on many successful charity events, from concept to delivery. She is in demand and sought after for her style and expertise in event planning, interior design, fashion, and food. She also delivers one of the most talked-about items at these events… her delicious sweets table. (Sweets Table by Micheline)