Giving Back

Children's Causes

Micheline has been passionate about children from a very young age. She loves to support her favored children's causes such as Stars of The Season that benefits Cardon Children's Medical Center, Casa Brazil that helps feed unprivileged children in Brazil and PANDA that benefits Steele Children's Research Center.

Panda - Steele Children's Research Center

Micheline Etkin is a honorary member of this organization that supports discovery processes to improve treatments and cures for devastating childhood diseases.  Panda

Stars of The Season - Cardon Children's Medical Center

Micheline Etkin is one of the founder council member of Stars of the Season and she is one of the organizers of this star studded annual fundraising event that benefits Cardon Children's Medical Center. Stars of the Season

Ambassador - International Children’s Palliative Care Network (ICPCN)

Micheline Etkin is the Ambassador of ICPCN, a worldwide network of individuals and agencies advocating for the rights of children and young people with any life-limiting or life-threatening condition to receive palliative care.  ICPCN

Casa Brazil

Micheline Etkin is a co-founders of Casa Brasil; an organization operated exclusively by volunteers. Casa Brazil organizes fundraising events in Arizona that directly benefit malnourished children in Brazil. Casa Brazil