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...and we are back in NY! The past few days at #engage13 were everything that we hoped that they would be. We were lucky enough to listen to and get tips from some of the most amazing luxury wedding vendors in the industry, make new friends, dance to the music of an incredible 22 piece band (at a flawlessly designed gala by @toddevents) and walk out of this extremely detailed summit with priceless inspiration (as well as 50 pounds of swag- not kidding, we had to ship it home separately!) that we will use to ensure that Cheeky continues to grow into the type of company that fulfills our dreams, makes us happy and gives Cheeky couples the best experience possible. "It is your job to translate that experience into who you are, what you want and produce the product that you want to be known for." -Brian Worley With that said, to our lovely brides: we will be making our way through our inbox over the next few days. We promise that we didn't forget about you! Expect Cheeky mail shortly!Last, there are only two days left to vote for us for Best of Long Island! If you could continue to show is your love and help us win for a second year (link is below: it is as easy as finding our name under "event planning" and clicking twice), we may just throw a kick-ass party to celebrate all of the love. http://vote.longislandpress.com/engine/yoursubmission.aspx?contestid=104896

Gorgeous floral arrangement by @toddevents at the gala #engage13 @montelucia Such a brilliant designer !

I made 6 of the bowls for my Sweets Table www.michelineetkin.com for Engage!13 . They are  hand painted in white chocolate, embellished with Crystal sugar and hand painted truffles and Jordan almonds in edible gold .#engage13  #engage13montelucia @engage13 @oscardelassalas  @richardkirkland @cnkxoxo @agatadebotas

These beautiful glass bowls are covered in white chocolate, embellished with crystal sugar,
hand painted truffles and Jordan almonds in edible gold, by Micheline herself.

A peak at last nights dessert station, gorgeous party by @Toddevents #engage13

Gorgeous #engage13

The dessert displays beneath #rajtents in the ballroom @toddevents #engage13

Edible flowers at the gala #engage13

Pretty impressive #dessert display! #montelucia #engage13 #yum

Adorable desserts! #engage13

Todd Fiscus has out done himself @toddevents #engage13 #gala

Flower desserts! #engage13

So beautiful I don't want to eat anything! #engage13



This is a #dessert garden. All of the desserts are on yellow, white or purple paper flowers. Such a cute idea! #engage13

Beautiful dessert garden at #engage13!

Gorgeous dessert display, tented a a la @rajtents #engage13

You know I ❤️ dessert and this is close to heaven at #engage13 @montelucia with @aliphillips @tropical_os

All food should be served as if it's a flower. Loving the details at #engage13

Oh my...#engage13

@toddevents you killed it!! Amazing room! #engage13

Gorgeous #engage13 gala details by @toddevents #swoon


My Sweets Table at ENGAGE!13 #engage13 #engage13montelucia #montelucia  www.michelineetkin.com

Engage ! 13 - The Luxury Wedding Business Event

These photos were taken by guests at the Engage!13 event.

Watch a video about the event:
Engage!13 Video